Yellow Pot: Modern Chinese cuisine re-interpreted with sustainable, organic ingredients

With its delightful contemporary take on traditional Chinese cuisine, set in a restored shophouse-turned-hotel, dining at Yellow Pot is an experience that quite literally satisfies all senses.

Take a stroll down the scenic row of shophouses along Duxton, and you might mistake Yellow Pot for a cool new whisky lounge or swanky resto-bar.

Make no mistake, however; name and interiors aside, it’s very much a Chinese restaurant, in every other sense. Fashioning itself as a mod-Chinese restaurant, the restaurant-bar has certainly carved out a space for itself for its healthful and sustainable approach to Chinese cuisine.

Located at the newly restored and absolutely stunning Six Senses Duxton hotel, the restaurant innovatively whips up classic Chinese cuisine using healthful, organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients. At the bar, artisanal cocktails concocted using traditional herbs and botanicals await tipple-lovers, offering a dining experience that is quite unlike any other you’d find in the city.

At the helm of the restaurant is Chinese-trained Chef Sebastian Goh, who undertakes the challenge of re-interpreting your classic Chinese dishes and flavours in a fresh, contemporary way.

We’re not talking necessarily mod-Asian or fusion here; the restaurant’s dishes still ring with that familiar, comforting flavour palate of Chinese food that we know and love. Rather, it’s Chinese food unlike you know it: free of additives, MSG, flavour enhancers, with the conscious use of sustainable ingredients that support local farmers.

There are appetisers like the Chilled Organic Vine-Ripened Tomatoes and Chicken Soup, which both feature fresh organic vine-ripened tomatoes from a neighbouring farm in Malaysia. In the former, the tomatoes are soaked in a delightful “Li Heng” plum juice of herbs, licorice, mint leaves and rock sugar.

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