It is perfectly healthy to follow a low-carb diet, as long as it includes a variety of nutritious, whole, unprocessed foods. Low-carb diets can be good for heart healthy, since they may increase good cholesterol levels, and decrease blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

Studies show that some people successfully lose weight on a low carb diet, just as they can on a lower fat or Mediterranean-style diet. There’s no one right diet that will work for everyone. Ultimately, the best diet is one you can stick to in the long term. So if you love bread but hate meat, the low-carb diet may not be the right fit for you.

And remember, low-carb does not mean no carb! A low carb diet still provides at least 20% of the day’s calories from carbohydrates. Well-planned low-carb diets do include vegetables, fruit, beans and even small portions of whole grains, such as oats and quinoa.

So if your friend says “I don’t eat carbs” or “I’m following a low-carb diet,” it usually means they’ve cut back on sugar and bread. Hopefully it doesn’t mean they have stopped eating nourishing foods like vegetables, fruit and beans. If they have, you’re now equipped to educate them as to why that’s not a nutritious idea.

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