How to safely drink alcohol

How Much Alcohol Is Safe to Drink?

How to safely drink alcohol

Excessive alcohol drinking increases the risk of developing serious health problems including cardiovascular disease. Ideally, alcohol drinking should be avoided. If not applicable, moderate drink alcohol consumption; 2 drinks a day for men and 1 drink a day for women is recommended.

  • In each week, 2 days must be alcohol-free.
  • In each week, alcohol intake should be limited 7-21 drinks (average per day is up to 3 drinks).
  • 1 drink of wine = 140 cc.
  • 1 drink of beer = 330 cc. (equal to 1 served can)
  • 1 drink of spirit 40 degrees = 40 cc. (one shot)

Besides consuming healthy vegetables and fruits those considerably help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level, lifestyle modification also plays a major role. To reduce possible risk of developing heart diseases, it is highly recommended to have healthy diet and sufficient rest as well as appropriate and regular exercise. More importantly, annual health checkups and heart screening are essential in order to detect any abnormalities as soon as possible. Early diagnosis greatly contributes to timely and effective treatments.

Source: The American Heart Association Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations.  (or an equal combination of both)

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