Good vs. bad carbs

Though dietitians are moving away from classifying foods as good or bad, these terms are widely used on diet-related websites, so we should define them. Your “good carbs” are generally the ones found in whole, unprocessed foods, which provide nutritional value from vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. So, vegetables, fruit, beans, lentils and whole grains contain “good carbs.” Include these in your diet.

The so-called or classifying foods“bad-carbs” are those in foods high in sugar, salt and/or fat. Examples are cookies, pretzels and soda. These foods are treats and should be limited.

What about white bread and pasta? They fall somewhere between good and bad carbs. They are not as nutritious as vegetables and whole grains, but not as nutrient-poor as cookies or candy. They contain some important nutrients, such as fibre, iron and folate.

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