Can a Garage Be Too Big? Apparently

level floor plan of Contemporary home

Among the most requested new home design items are oversize or three-car garages – with more space surrounding the cars. In fact, more than 20 percent of single-family homes built each year since 2013 have included three-car garages.

And according to Builder Magazine, “the newest symbol of status in home ownership is the size of the garage to fit the family’s SUVs.” With the shift to bigger/taller SUVs and pickups, today’s garages are being built or remodeled to make space for the larger vehicles and provide enough room for storage.

To fit the taller vehicles, the 7-foot-height overhead-door clearance has been changed to 8 feet – and some builders even go as high as 12 feet to accommodate loaded roof racks.
As vehicles become the version of adult toys, homeowners are making their garages wider, taller, and longer, and adding rooms to the back.