2 Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Pooping in Public (Your Gut Will Thank You)

woman sitting on toilet in public restroom

Public Pooping Problem 1: Your Poop Smells

Sure it does — we all have our unique poop scent, and it tends not to be pleasant.

If you’re worried about stinking up the joint, carry and use a toilet water spray, like Poo-Pourri, an essential oil spray that creates a barrier on the water’s surface to trap volatile odor chemicals below so they never have a chance to populate the bathroom.

Public Pooping Problem 2: Is the Seat Clean?

Maybe it helps to know that your smartphone may have 10 times the germs of regularly-cleaned toilet seats, according to microbiologist Chuck Gerba’s research at The University of Arizona.

If sitting on the seat is a concern for you, Dr. Maykel recommends scouting out bathrooms that you know are cleaned regularly (often there’s a time stamp of the cleaning crew on the door), which may alleviate some worries.

Of course, you’ll want to wipe down the seat if it’s wet or visibly dirty, but if it looks dry and clean, there’s probably nothing to worry about. Even if there is an illness-causing bacteria there, it would have a tough time getting into your body unless you have an open wound. Just make sure you wash your hands after you flush (we’re sure you were planning to do that anyway!).

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